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Group Rules

To keep the group safe, you need to agree to the following rules.

1. Privacy and Confidentiality

Information shared within the group is confidential and must not be shared outside of the group. This is for the safety of all members.


2. Respectful Communication

Communication will be sensitive, respectful and without judgement. Every member has a right to their own opinion. Inappropriate language, insults or threatening remarks will not be tolerated.


3. Self Determination

Members understand and respect that each person is an individual at different stages of their healing journey. Each member is to be allowed to find their own path to recovery without feeling pressured or intimidated. This includes their level of participation in the group.


4. Personal Messages

No personal messages are to be sent unless the other member has been approached via the Facebook group, or in person, and agreed to be contacted. If a member is contacted and permission not granted prior, this must be reported to admin for action.


 5. No Advertising or marketing

This group is a forum for members to share information and experiences and to receive support from peers. It is not a forum for members to advertise their business and services or to market any product. There are more appropriate avenues available.


6. Removal from the Group

Any breach of the rules will result in removal from the group. No discussion will be entered into and Admin’s decision will be final.


7. Disclaimer

This group does not provide medical, psychological or psychiatric advice. All opinions expressed are those of the individual member. Please consult your medical or mental health professional for any new treatment or change to treatment.

8. Suggestion for Trigger Warnings

Add trigger warnings to posts that you think may be sensitive to others.
Add the topic but try to use 'softer' words if possible.
Scroll down 6 or 7 spaces so the message can't be seen.

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