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Our Vision is Healing Through Connection

Our mission is to connect women with PTSD on the healing journey through meaningful activities, support and information sharing.

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PTSD West is a support group for Western Australian women over 18 who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Coping with the symptoms of PTSD is difficult and can lead to isolation and by connecting and sharing information we can support each other on the healing journey.

PTSD West is run by women who have lived experience of PTSD and is not a counselling or therapy group. It is important that you access professional support outside of the group if needed.

We are committed to creating spaces where people feel psychologically, physically and culturally safe.


We recognise that people are diverse and we honour the intrinsic dignity, autonomy, and worth of each person.


We recognise our shared humanity and treat people with compassion and kindness.


We acknowledge that all people have strengths and capacities and encourage empowerment through self-determination.




Join our closed group or follow our public page.

PTSD West has a Facebook page that provides general information about PTSD as well as an active, supportive Facebook group. We hold regular online and face-to-face catch ups where you can meet other members in an informal setting. To access these catch ups, as well as other workshops that are held throughout the year, you will need to join our closed Facebook group.

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